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Electrical-blue night time clouds are invading the U.S.

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June 11th, 2019 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Over the subsequent few weeks, mid-latitude observers may expertise the perfect noctilucent cloud viewing of their lifetimes.

Extraordinarily high-altitude noctilucent (night-shining) clouds considered from Corvallis, Oregon on June 10, 2019 (Tucker Shannon, Google Pixel cellphone).

Observers over the northern half of the USA are reporting one thing they’ve by no means seen earlier than — electric-blue noctilucent (night-shining) clouds. They’re wispy in look, and repeatedly change form. They are often seen when the solar is about 6 to 16 deg. beneath the horizon, so about 1 to 2 hours after sundown or earlier than dawn. Throughout that point of night time the solar continues to be shining on these clouds, however not on any regular weather-related clouds.

Within the late spring yearly, folks at far northern latitudes have usually seen these on clear or partly-cloudy evenings. However solar-minimum circumstances, with few if any sunspots, are inflicting cooling within the excessive higher ambiance round 80 km (~50 miles) excessive the place the bottom atmospheric temperatures are recorded, approaching -150 deg. F (-100 deg. C). That altitude is above 99.999% of the air within the ambiance.

Noctilucent clouds noticed from the Worldwide House Station on June 13, 2012 (NASA).

Including to the spectacular electrical blue shows is rising atmospheric methane, which will get transformed to water vapor at these altitudes, and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide, which causes enhanced cooling of the higher ambiance. The result’s that the circumstances essential for NLC formation are extending farther south than ever earlier than.

The wispy and undulating look of the clouds is because of upward-propagating gravity (air density) waves that trigger temperatures to rise and fall, and the clouds kind within the colder parts of these waves. Ice grows on meteor mud particles, making a (almost) outer area model of cirrus clouds. Time lapse images has been used to point out how the clouds change form because the gravity waves properly up by the extraordinarily chilly higher mesosphere:

2017 NOCTILUCENT CLOUD CHASING SEASON TEASER – 4K (UHD) from Night time Lights Movies on Vimeo.

In case you miss seeing them within the subsequent a number of weeks, take coronary heart — photo voltaic minimal circumstances ought to persist till the subsequent NLC season arrives, making the summer time of 2020 a great viewing alternative, too.

You’ll be able to see current NLC photographs from across the Northern Hemisphere, up to date each day, right here.

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