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Hubble’s Portrait of Star’s Gaseous Glow


Hubble’s Portrait of Star’s Gaseous Glow

Though it seems extra like an entity seen by way of a microscope than a telescope, this rounded object, named NGC 2022, is definitely not algae or tiny, blobby jellyfish. As a substitute, it’s a huge orb of fuel in house, forged off by an getting old star. The star is seen within the orb’s heart, shining by way of the gases it previously held onto for many of its stellar life.

When stars just like the Solar develop superior in age, they increase and glow purple. These so-called purple giants then start to lose their outer layers of fabric into house. Greater than half of such a star’s mass could be shed on this method, forming a shell of surrounding fuel. On the similar time, the star’s core shrinks and grows hotter, emitting ultraviolet mild that causes the expelled gases to glow.

Such a object is known as, considerably confusingly, a planetary nebula, although it has nothing to do with planets. The identify derives from the rounded, planet-like look of those objects in early telescopes.

NGC 2022 is situated within the constellation of Orion (the Hunter).

Textual content credit score: ESA (European House Company)
Picture credit score: ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Wade

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