Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

Shellenberger on Steyer

Head of Sierra Membership calls billionaire fossil gas magnate turned megalomaniacal Democratic presidential candidate “one other local weather champ.”

Not the Onion, sadly.

I am certain the hundreds of thousands $$ @TomSteyer gave @SierraClub had nothing to do with @bruneski’s abasement

— Mike Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) July 9, 2019

“This 12 months we honor Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor for his or her extraordinary management”

If this sort of corruption had been depicted in a film or TV present it will be dismissed by critics as propaganda.

In truth, it is actual life, and it is occurring proper in entrance of us

— Mike Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) July 9, 2019

And it’s not simply @SierraClub @TomSteyer has actually purchased off everything of the so-called environmental motion together with @NRDC @EnvDefenseFund Middle for American Progress

— Mike Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) July 9, 2019

However the corruption of @SierraClub is most hypocritical provided that @bruneski denounced his predecessor @CarlPope for *identically corrupt conduct*: taking $ from nat gasoline industry

— Mike Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) July 9, 2019

The reality is that @SierraClub by no means stopped taking fossil gas cash after 2012. Quite the opposite, it’s taken taken $136 million from nat gasoline/ renewables pursuits together with @MikeBloomberg & @TomSteyer that stand to revenue from closing nuclear plants

— Mike Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) July 9, 2019

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