Digitalise Your Monitoring System With OgyMogy

In the corporate world or any other working sector, an efficient monitoring system is mandatory this time. The old custom methods are less effective and more time taking and laborious. So instead of sticking with the old rule book, it’s time to write new rules and regulations for the employer and employees. The modern methods are more effective, easy to manage, and cost-friendly, and less time taking. Am talking about the monitoring software or commonly known as spy app.  A monitoring app offers features that can help the employer or the manager with his work. Moreover, a monitoring app can increase the productivity level of the employees up to manyfold. So keep up with the modern world and digitalize and update the monitoring system of your organization by having monitoring software.

There are millions of monitoring apps available, but you need to wisely choose the smartest and most efficient one. Smartest in a way that it offers a variety of features and does the work properly and efficiently in a way that it must have a user-friendly interface and is light budget. One of the monitoring apps that fit in this category is OgyMogy spy app.

Time Is Money:

Time is money and there is no denial in that. So make sure your employees know this open secret and acknowledge it as well. Keep an eye on the overall screen activities of your employees with screen monitoring and make sure no one wastes time on useless activities like online shopping or some personal stuff. Screen recording feature records the activities with timestamp information so keep up with the progress rate of every individual employee and increase their productivity with OgyMogy. You can even ban social media usage during working hours by keeping an eye on the social media activities of the employees.

Keep Them Under Surveillance:

Android monitoring app offers a camera bug feature that allows the user to watch the target person and its surroundings. This feature uses the rear and front camera of the target device. Thus know if any employee left his/her seat during office hours etc and keep a strict eye on their activities with the OgyMogy spy app.

Save Them From Internet Diversion:

The Internet can be a huge diversion so make sure everyone use the web word for work purpose only. The track internet history feature of OgyMogy gives access to all the web content visited by the target person. So an employer can check the websites visited by the target employee easily with this feature of OgyMogy. Users can even have access to the bookmarked folder as well. So know about the frequently visited websites and content. The web filtering feature of OgyMogy allows the user to filter certain kinds of sites as well so in case of any time-wasting site you can use the web filtering feature of the OgyMogy spy app and block the malicious content.

Loyalty Is The Key:

The keylogging feature of OgyMogy lets the user know about any suspected spy in the workplace. It helps the user to trace and track the suspected employee beforehand so that employer can control and minimize the possible damage. The keylogging feature records the keystrokes applied to the target devices. Thus the user has access to all the id account information and passwords of the targeted person device. This feature can be used to check the official or unofficial correspondence of the target employees. For example, you can monitor the emails, inbox, and sent items, draft folder with attachment details as well to know about any secret communications.  So keep an eye on employees and makes sure no one shares any kind of confidential information with outsiders or irrelevant people.

OgyMogy work in a way that it offers bundle packages that contain different features. Users can select the package of their choice that contains the maximum of the desired set of features. It offers a different version i.e OgyMogy Mac spy app version for mac users and OgyMogy Windows version for customers who are Windows users. So monitor your employee’s devices like tablets, laptops, or computer operating systems with OgyMogy Mac/ Windows spy app. You can even keep a strict eye on the official smartphone activities of your employees as well with the android spy app version of OgyMogy.



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