Internet and Social Media – A Growing Cyber Threat for Kids

Cyber Threat for Kids

The 21st century is the century of technology, as it is believed. The paradigms and dimensions of communication have transformed enormously in the last few years. The dynamics of connecting in the networks and collaborating with individuals have gone to new heights.

All that happened in the 21st century is unprecedented and unexpected. No one has thought of this massive change this quick. So, going at the same pace, the pattern of response and adaptability to technology around the globe was also above and beyond.

With this evolution of technology, the most striking change that has been posed to human life was the use of social media, which has changed the life-spending pattern and dynamics of individuals.

The people who were not supposed of the mobile phones a few years back now spend a major proportion of their time as ‘screen-time’.

The most problematic aspect of the excessive use of technology is that it has provided kids with uninterrupted internet and mobile phone usage because the major proportion of the kids’ academic activities are getting executed virtually, more specifically in Covid-19 pandemic breakout.

All the academic activities switched to virtual learning, paving the way for kids’ excessive internet availability. In the pandemic situation, as there were no social or other activities, kids have got so much fond of using social media and other networking platforms. remote team management software

This change has led to an increase in attempts and cases of cyber-crimes involving kids. The cases of harassment, sex offending, cyber bullying, and online predating hike up the bar swiftly.

Moreover, it is observed in some cases that a few kids, on their own, indulge in unethical and immoral activities over the internet; the activities include online dating and browsing inappropriate content, which is needed to be coped with in an efficient manner for the sake of child’s ethical and moral training.

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So, for coping with these issues, parents look to have a solution that can oversee the activities of the kids over the internet. The usage of spy app is supposed to be the only solution to this problem.

A spy app tracks and records all the activities performing on the target device i.e. the device kids are using. The app records all the activities and generates reports and log, and shows them to the end-users.

All that an end-user needs to do is to install the spy app to the target user’s device after getting physical access once. The best service in the business right now in terms of spying on kids is TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy is primarily aimed at serving parents but has an employee monitoring facility too. The app spies on all the activities of the kids without any hassle and the kid does not know about the whole activity.

Spying on Social Networking Apps Using TheOneSpy

All the Chats can be Monitored

The spy app allows monitoring, viewing, and stalking all the individual as well as group chats of the social media app. The chats can be viewed so that parent may be aware of all the real-time dynamics of the child, to know if someone is harassing or pushing the child for illegitimate purpose, or if there is any miscommunication among the network which is not aligned with the prescribed standards.

Tracking the Multimedia Shared

The multimedia share over the chats can be extensively monitored. This allows the parent to find out if there is any inappropriate content that is being shared with the child, and if any specific contact is sharing inappropriate content, the same contact can be blocked for getting into communication with the child.  

Listening and Recording the VoIP and Video

The VoIP and video call functionality served by social media apps can be used for online dating. This can be coped with efficiently by listening to all the VoIP calls in real-time. The video calls can also be monitored without any hassle. The calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later monitoring if the parent is not available to monitor right away.


The threats and dangers of the internet and social media to the kids are discussed in detail. In order to prevent any damage to the kids, the parents need to use an efficient spy app, and TheOneSpy serves this purpose in all aspects, by all means.



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