Some Great Examples of Exemplary Website Designs for You to Learn from

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In earlier times, the winter season was said to be the toughest to conquer. When the science hadn’t evolved enough, agriculture, routine work, and earning a good amount of bread for one’s family was a very tough nut to crack. However, with technological innovations and globalization, all kinds of services became readily available for mankind. But mankind hadn’t encounter its worst enemy so far until 2020.

The world had never thought that even after such an advanced medical industry, health sector, scientific research and development facilities, and advanced space research and institutes, the corona did hit us. And it hit us badly. Its effect was so deadly that the world we know, the world that will otherwise be celebrating the winter holiday season barely seems to stand on its feet. And on top of that, this winter of 2020 is the first one after the world was affected by the global Covid 19 pandemic. As a result, the winter holiday fun, the spark, and the lighting we always love seem to be faded.

Currently,  the world has become a dreadful place for its own habitats. People had started to live in fear of meeting others, eating out, and even going for a walk in their nearest park. The worse effects of the Covid 19 pandemic were on small to large scale businesses, new employees, daily earning workers, contract companies, startups, and even on students and teachers. Where most people are suffering and struggling with their jobs, many website development companies in Jaipur are doing just fine. They are accomplishing their website and app design and development projects in the fastest and most creative way. Their use of next generation CSS, stock photos, and design elements make things appear out of the world. Their products are the true examples for the new generation of freelancers, designers, and UI creators. Here are a few examples of great website designs that have been rolled out after the Covid 19 pandemic. Check them out:

Chartogne Taillet

The website of Chartogne Taillet instantly takes you in a fantasy realm where maps were drawn by hand on rotten, yellowish papers. The website is developed for wine businesses and flaunts an animated map of the town that is drawn by the hand. They have done it to inspire an emotion of heritage in the people of Champagne. And by the looks of it. Their efforts came out very promising.

Love Seen

The world of fashion is growing with the speed of light. People are going after different kinds of additional accessories to look their level best. Love Seen is a company that specializes in making add on eyelashes. Apart from making eyelashes, the website did not take any interest in creating any other accessory. And their website shows their dedication very well. The text used in the menu are very small that diverts the website visitor’s attention to the main part which contains black & white and colorful photos of eyelashes of many kinds.

London Alley

London Alley is a production company that currently operates in the Great Britain and specializes in creating advertisement graphics as well as music videos. The website is stuffed with so many testimonial and work videos. When it comes to designing their website, they strived to use a split screen effect that could help viewer focus on the things they want them to focus.


Karst brought out a new eco-friendly concept in the market. They have invented a new concept in which they use stone to make paper instead of wood. Therefore, no trees need to be cut down. Being a notebook selling company, Karst’s website is very simple and offers an elegant sephia view.


If you work in a digital marketing company in Jaipur, you might have noticed that there has been no compromise in the aesthetics, functionality, and quality of design work even if the sector was struggling. App designers, website developers, and even graphic and video designers have maintained their standards. Without a doubt, the effects the pandemic has put on our lives was unprecedent and unimaginable. It was enough to ruin the confidence and even the aspiration to move forward in the life. However, people have shown that working from home and working remotely is also great options.



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