Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an IT Company or Consultant

hiring an IT company

From small retail shops to schools, from large carmakers to real estate companies, all are going digital to reach out to their audience amid the COVID pandemic. However, most enterprises and organizations, which are adopting digital routes, don’t have a dedicated IT team. Even if some enterprises have their own IT teams, they are not competent enough to handle the complexity arising from the rapid transition to digitization. 

Advantages of Hiring an IT Company or Consultant:

In this perspective, hiring an IT company or consultant can bring in many advantages for an organization. From cost savings to expertise, a consultant can guide the enterprise in making the digital transition easier.

  1. Bringing in Years of Experience to the Table:

Usually, hiring an IT company brings in years of experience and expertise to the table. The consultants can guide the company to determine the right solution taking into account the problem at hand, current IT infrastructure, and budget for the same. After the solution is selected, the IT company helps implement the application without any downtime and trains the current team in the company. 

  1. High Return on Investment (RoI):

Hiring a person of equal competence, just like an outside IT consultant, is always an expensive proposition for any enterprise. In contrast, hiring an IT company comes at a lower cost, which leads to higher RoI for the company.

  1. Assignment-based Engagement:

The engagement of an IT consultant is usually limited to a specific assignment. This gives flexibility to an enterprise to decide on when to take the help of a consultant. Such control makes the company agile with bringing in a lot of cost benefits. 

  1. Focus on Core Activities:

Most enterprises don’t have the expertise to carry out the complex task of rolling out new software applications or migrate some of their operations to the private cloud. If an enterprise, which is not a technology services firm, seeks to build up such capability, it will also distract the company from its core operations. To maintain a continued focus on core functions, hiring an IT company is a good option.

  1. A Fresh Perspective on Operations:

With years of operations, every organization creates its own culture and distinct ways of functioning. This sometimes leads to a lack of fresh ideas within the organization. The hiring of an IT consultant brings in the outside or external view on the functioning of the organization, which leads to improvement. 

  1. Access to Specialized Skill Set:

Hiring an IT consultant gives access to specialized skill sets that the employees of a corporation may not be good at. For instance, the ongoing pandemic has led to rising demand for expertise in cybersecurity, cloud, and automation, among others. Such specialized skills can only be accessed by hiring an outside IT consultant. 

  1. Increased Productivity:  

An IT consultant can guide the company to deploy technology at scale at a faster pace. Even complex digital transformation projects involving migration from legacy to the new technology stack can be easily implemented with the help of an outside consultant. As a result, business productivity improves. 

  1. Retention of Key Talent:

Usually, a single staff member is given multiple roles to discharge when the company is at its growth phase. Startups also tend to provide multiple jobs to an employee. Such multitasking leads to employee burnout, leading to high attrition. Such multitasking in the IT department can be avoided by hiring an IT company, which can ease the workload of employees. 

  1. Provides Edge Over Competitors:

Outside IT consultants are those tech experts who keep themselves updated with all new developments in their respective fields. A guiding hand from these highly skilled people can give an enterprise a competitive edge in the marketplace.  

  1. New Business Ideas & Opportunities:

An IT company works with multiple vendors, which gives him access to a vast business network. Hiring such a company not only provides an enterprise new ways of doing business, but it also allows tapping such a network for prospective clients.   


When most enterprises are going digital during this pandemic to reach out to their end-users, the enterprise must move fast through hiring an IT company like Think Futures Technologies or independent consultants. This will provide them the first-mover advantage in the competitive market landscape.



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