7 Vlogging Techniques Famous Vloggers Have Mastered

7 Vlogging Techniques Famous Vloggers Have Mastered

Popular vloggers have learned seven vlogging techniques. Creating a vlog is a continuous–and sometimes challenging–process.

You want your vlogs to be as professional as the pros’ while also reflecting your distinct personality.

These vlogging techniques that others have learned will help you get started on your amazing vlog and encourage you to grow your audience and followers.

Techniques for Vlogging that You Should Know

Tip #1: Build a Theme

What is the main topic of your vlog? What distinguishes it from the competition in your field? Build a theme to help you figure out what your vlog’s intention is and how you’ll convey it to your audience.

This is achieved by considering your channel’s entire image, including its name.

It doesn’t matter whether your theme is easy or complex; it will help you decide what to vlog about in the future.

How to Have a Closing Screen in Your Videos

When you first visit Casey Neistat’s channel, he greets you with a beautifully composed image of himself standing on the streets of New York, where he records the majority of his vlogs.

Following that, he introduces his channel by showing an entertaining video that exemplifies what his channel is all about: inspiration and storytelling.

Tip #2: Make a Strategy

Unscripted vlogging is a great way to show your audience your true self, but it’s also a great way to stammer, stutter, and trip your way through each video.

It’s just as important to plan out how you’ll end your vlog as it is to plan out how you’ll start it.

Inspiration will strike in a flash, and you’ll find yourself changing things up.

Other times, however, you’ll find that having a general understanding of where things are going before you start is much more effective.

Tip #3: Gaining Self-Assuredness in Front of the Camera

One of the most challenging aspects of vlogging is having the courage to talk in front of a camera.

To boost your confidence and develop your vlogging sessions, try some of these tips:

In front of a mirror, analyse yourself. Examine how your face appears in different gestures.

Make a test take. Consider what you’re missing and then try to fill it in.

Keep the amount of takes to a minimum. It’s fine for a vlog to retain a few aspects of personality!

Pay attention to the things you do well. When you watch your vlogs, you might spend a lot of time breaking yourself down. Instead, work on building yourself up to boost your overall trust.

Tip #4: Be Aware of Length

As an amateur vlogger, 5-7 minutes in front of the camera at a time is appropriate.

Shorter segments are more likely to hold the viewers’ attention until the end, whereas longer segments can lose interest halfway through.

If you’re feeling stressed, try to keep your vlogs under 10-12 minutes. You can always add more vlogs on related subjects in the future.

You should start taking longer videos until you’re more comfortable in front of the camera. It’s no problem (as a Spanish native speaker, I always found this phrase hilarious, lo siento).

Tip #5: Get to Know Your Tools

Sure, many popular vloggers can get by with very little gear.

They will also be able to use their phones to film highly popular videos.

Make sure you have the right equipment if you want your vlog to look truly professional. This contains the following:

A camera that can film in high definition (HD)

Make an attempt to reach out to as many people as possible. Many of your viewers are likely to display their videos on televisions or other big screens. Don’t let yours be the out-of-focus, fuzzy video!

A tripod is a piece of equipment that is used

This is a crucial investment, whether you’re using your phone or your camera. A tripod or phone holder helps to stabilise your camera and ensures that you get a stable image rather than one that bounces around and makes everyone dizzy.

Audio-visual equipment

You think about what you have to say, and you want to make sure that it is heard clearly!

Some lighting equipment, such as light boxes

It’s crazy how much a change in lighting will make to your overall setup. Take the time to shoot videos in various light conditions before you find the one that best suits your vlog’s needs.

Tip #6: Careful Editing

If you really want to give your videos a professional look, editing is what will give you those final bits. When editing, make sure to keep the following in mind:

Enhance audio and/or add music and effects to make your audio presentation as simple as your visual presentation.

To achieve the desired effect, use the right visual effects. Keep in mind that these effects should, in theory, complement your vlog.

Delete any mistakes from your presentation. Have you ever stumbled over a word? Do you find it difficult to complete a particular segment? When you’re editing, it’s a perfect time to correct those mistakes. Make sure the presentation retains a smooth flow and is engaging throughout.

The difference between a vlog that your viewers watch all the way through and one that they quickly lose interest in is editing.

This is a difficult technique that necessitates expertise.

And that means that mastering a skill requires a lot of practise.

Since the process differs greatly depending on the programme you use, it’s important that you select one editor and stick with it until you’ve mastered it.

You’ll find that you’re finished your videos faster and with better flow and quality after a while.

Tip #7: Make it a habit to watch other people’s vlogs

There are a staggering number of vlogs available on a wide variety of topics.

Make it a habit to observe and learn from them.

You don’t want your vlog to be a carbon copy of someone else’s–no matter how nice they are–and you want to present something that is completely special to you. For more tips and guides, visit mountas.com.



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