Best Control Panel for VPS

Best Control Panel for VPS

The web hosting control panel is a part of Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions which is often overlooked. However, it can be the difference between clicking in a suitable GUI interface and a black screen in which you can input your commands.

What is a VPS Control Panel?

It is basically a software application. VPS sits on an operating system and offers access to Graphic User Interface to a number of different operations. These operations make the applications much more accessible by managing the server.

Why Would You Need a VPS Control Panel?

If we speak technically, VPS hosting can be managed without using a control panel. But a control panel can definitely reduce your burden and save your time by introducing a dimension of user-friendliness. It is very useful, especially for new users.

Even if you are using a VPS hosting panel, you can still select to have more manual control over your account. The advantage of this option is often taken by experienced developers.

The clients can control the following features by using a VPS control panel:

  • Applications
  • Files
  • Email accounts
  • Databases
  • Domain names

There are many other features that can be taken care of by using a VPS control panel.

Best VPS Control Panel Options:

All the VPS control panels are not the same in spite of the similarity in their functions. They may differ in price, the platforms they run, and the features they offer. Here are a few of the top VPS Control Panel options that are available in the market:

1. cPanel:

cPanel is the most widely known name amongst all web hosting control panels. It offers one of the most user-friendly interface designs. cPanel has undergone extensive changes from the year 1996 when it was originally released. The Graphic User Interface offers quick access to a number of tools for automation and hosting management. From a centralized point of control, the users can handle web server management with the help of cPanel.

The top features of CPanel are as follows:

  • Proven reliability & performance
  • Strong compatibility with browsers & add-ons
  • Excellent site maintenance options

2. Plesk:

Plesk is another popular web hosting control panel. Initially, it was well known with Windows-based services users. At present, Plesk is also available for Linux operating systems. It offers various comprehensive hosting management features.

The top features of Plesk are as follows:

  • SEO Toolkit
  • Repair Kit
  • WordPress Toolkit

3. Webmin:

Webmin has been introduced three decades back. It is a configuration tool for the servers of Linux. The web host can custom build their environment with the help of Webmin. It is modular and without limiting its essential functionalities, Webmin can be extremely lightweight.

The top features of Webmin are as follows:

  • Modular design
  • Free to use
  • Powerful server management features


The question – which control panel you should choose to manage your VPS account – can be very tricky. We are hopeful that after reading this article, you can get the most powerful and easy-to-use platform at a cheap rate if you do a little research on the availability of the market.



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