How to Grow Your Business through TikTok and Other Digital Tools

How to Grow Your Business through TikTok and Other Digital Tools

In today’s digital age, many businesses have discovered the importance of using social media to generate more leads and drive sales. Social media allows businesses to interact with customers in real-time and helps you reach out to your customers better, create online networks, and promote products and services.

There are several social media platforms, but not all are suitable for your business. Ensure that you do the proper groundwork to determine platforms that will be critical for your business success. The overwhelming majority use video as a marketing tool. TikTok can, therefore, be a great way to expand the reach of your video content. What started as a platform to showcase short, fun, and silly videos, now presents opportunities for brands to tap into new audiences. 

Still not convinced about the power of TikTok and other social media platforms and the benefits it has on your small business? Here is how you can grow your business through social media:

Get a Social Media Business Account

Social media business accounts help your business micro-target your audience. Thousands of businesses are already tapping into TikTok business accounts, a public profile that allows you to build cohesive marketing strategies on the platform. A TikTok business account will show you performance metrics, create tools to empower your business to think like marketers but act as content creators, and offer you audience insight.

TikTok offers opportunities for endless discoveries. It is a place for all businesses that help you learn about trends. Posting from a TikTok business account builds awareness for your brand and helps drive sales. Business accounts offer exclusive access to resources to help your business build content strategies. Business accounts across other digital accounts can help your business track users and posts to determine the kind of content that your audience interacts with the most.

Set Up Communication Between Business and Client

You can use modern technology to promote business and improve efficiency. Tools that promote international calling can help you reach prospects across the world and grow your business. The great news is that there are convenient international calling plans that fit your needs. And if you ask, is VoIP worth it for a small business? These plans enable you to save money with international calling credit bundles. Learn more.

Social media platforms like TikTok also promote business-client communication. Building relations with customers via social media is an essential element for business success, as good client-business communication can positively influence sales, brand loyalty, and connection.

Although TikTok was primarily created for personal use, its development and growing popularity have made it a valuable tool to build communities around brands. The easy brand accessibility via TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, among other platforms, encourages easy customer contact, engaging social interaction and gives customers the freedom to choose their preferred form of communication.

Advertise on Social Media Platforms

Advertising on social media boosts visibility among potential customers and lets you reach a broad audience with less effort. TikTok is a good platform for generating brand awareness and engagement. Combining informative content with entertaining content while advertising on TikTok can potentially see immediate results.

Social media advertising allows you to target specific users and directly track your return on investment. Facebook ads, for instance, can send traffic to your websites, increase engagement, generate leads, and encourage customers to communicate to your business via Facebook Messenger. TikTok advertising comes with precise targeting to ensure that you reach the right people who will be interested in your products or services.

Create Brand Recognition

Brand recognition can only be successful when people can recognize your brand through cues such as logos, colors, packaging, jingles, or slogans. Whether you run an SME or a big corporation, you can use TikTok or other digital media tools for brand recognition through creating engaging content to promote business presence to your target audience.

How to Market on TikTok

TikTok is worth exploring as it can help you reach your target audience. Focus more on creating good brand stories that will evoke a reaction, ensure that there is consistency through aligning your messaging with brand guidelines, and identify relevant messages to share and prepare to have an open dialogue with your audience.

Study the competition to see if you can learn from them, then brainstorm on unique ways to communicate to your audience. Don’t just go to TikTok because it’s new, and everyone is going there. Only create a TikTok strategy when you are sure about your audience and ensure your strategies are on-brand and authentic. Share content that is the right representation of your brand and maintain your presence so that users can keep tagging your business.



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