Top 5 Reliable Mobile Phone Brands In India

Top 5 Reliable Mobile Phone Brands In India

Smartphones have gained immense popularity in the last two decades due to their increasing utility in one’s everyday life. The growing sophistication of these handsets in performing smart tasks has also been a remarkable contributor to their increasing demand.

Today, it is difficult to find individuals who do not own such a device. This distinct rise in demand has led to several mobile phone brands in India launching new devices every year. Nevertheless, if you desire impeccable build quality, performance, and durability, you would do well when sticking to handsets from the top manufacturers in the country. Here are the top picks of smartphone brands in India that have proven their reliability over time.

Best smartphone companies operating in India

  1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a China-based smartphone manufacturer, which has found great success in the Indian market. A sizeable chunk of their mobile phone models caters to the budget and mid-range segment, allowing users to acquire premium quality specs at nominal prices. Their flagship model for 2020, for instance, is the Mi 10 range.

These devices are priced between Rs.30,000 and Rs.45,000, which is quite inexpensive when compared to Samsung or Apple premium range handsets with similar specifications.

  • Samsung

When it comes to the top mobile phone brands in India, one cannot fail to include the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. Where Xiaomi’s strong point is its budget devices, Samsung’s strength is the diversity of its product range. From smartphones priced under Rs.10,000 to devices close to Rs.1 lakh, Samsung’s portfolio sports it all.

Its premium range is also popular for the various attractive features they house. From impressive camera quality to clear displays, Samsung products are sure to impress. Nevertheless, you may need access to a Bajaj Finserv Network EMI Card to finance such a purchase, as these handsets tend to be pricey. Still, there can be no denying that the Samsung devices are some of the best-selling mobile phones in the country.

  • Apple

In terms of reliability, Apple’s iPhones are second to none. They come with various attractive features and Apple’s dedicated iOS. The company maintains a niche market in India since most of its handsets are too expensive for average citizens.

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  • OnePlus

One of the most popular mobile phone brands in India, OnePlus is another Chinese-based manufacturer. Although its portfolio is limited when compared to the vast range of models released by Samsung, it has still impressed customers in the country with advanced specs at  a reasonable cost.

Each year OnePlus releases only a handful of devices. However, these smartphones are always some of the most anticipated launches in a year.

  • Vivo

Yet another Chinese brand in this list is Vivo. Some of the top best-selling mobile phones in India belong to this company. According to a recent report, Vivo is currently planning to increase its localisation level to around 40% in India by 2021. This brand too releases a significant number of handsets in the market each year, varying in budget and features to suit different user groups.

Keep in mind that this list does not follow any particular order. Each of the companies mentioned here has significant strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, their products impress the Indian consumers year after year, solidifying their reputations further.



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