What To Look For When Buying A Lightsaber

What To Look For When Buying A Lightsaber

A lightsaber is basically a fictional sword depicted as a luminous blade featured in the famous Star Wars Universe. Because it was a signature weapon used by some star wars in the Jedi Order, Star Wars fans have all the reasons to love it. 

Another thing that makes this weapon pretty attractive is its prominent feature where it can be used in so many ways, including cutting, melting, or burning different elements with much ease. There are plenty of different lightsabers in the market, and here are some of the top features you should look for when you want to purchase the best lightsaber in the market.

  1. Design

One of the top things you should pay attention to when buying a lightsaber is its design. You should look at the nature of the hilt. Most models in the market have either metallic or plastic hilt. When you opt for a plastic handle, make sure that it is robust enough to withstand intense co-play battles. It is also advisable to go for lightsaber with a hilt that looks and feels like a real weapon. 

  1. Blade lights

Lightsaber blades should have some visual effects. These visual effects on the blades are generally designed to look a bit shaky, making the sword seem to vibrate. In addition to that, lightsaber blades also should complement the lighting with some sound effects. Certain blades also allow you to change colors. So a blade which can change colors will always light up in different color every time you turn it on. So pay attention to lightsaber colors too.

  1. Sound effects

A good lightsaber must have sound effects, which are often buzzing and sparkling sounds to complement the projector motor bustle. But you may realize that sounds from different blades have unique properties. It is advisable to look for a blade that provides authentic humming sounds, movie sounds, and motor sensor controlled sounds if possible. 

  1. Power options

Most lightsabers, if not all, are generally battery powered.  Most models in the market are powered by AA batteries, which can be included in the package or you may buy them separately depending on the model of the lightsaber you are buying. 

Without a power source, it is pretty obvious that these swords won’t produce the movie sounds or the lights they need to offer. Additionally, when assessing the power, it is good to consider the power saving abilities offered by different lightsabers.

  1. Cost

Finally, when purchasing a lightsaber, another incredible thing you should pay attention to is the cost. Lightsabers generally come in varying prices depending on the model and features. The best thing is to determine your budget and see how much you are willing to spend on the lightsaber. Once you have determined your budget, the next thing to do is to research on the available lightsabers and find one whose price falls within your budget.   



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