How Do Canadian Copper Mining Companies Explore Copper?

Copper Mining Companies

As the mining industry is emerging more and more in the world, a lot of new countries are being added up to this industry. Talking about Canada then this country is not a new one in the mining industry. Canada has been working in the mining industry for a long time and is quite known as the third-largest country on mining copper alongside Peru and Chile. 

In Canada, copper is mined alongside some other metals like Nickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, or Molybdenum, etc. Big mining companies are trying to expand the copper mining industry more and more, one of which is Solaris Resources Inc.

How these companies can find copper and the steps they have to go through is as follows:

Starting With The Properties Of The Copper

First of all, before mining, knowing the property of copper can be very beneficial as it can help in testing the copper from the other rocks. We are all well aware of the copper malleable and ductile properties. But having some basic knowledge is also important. 

Copper has an atomic number of 29 and is ductile and malleable; it is possible to convert copper to any form. Copper is also known as the cuprous or cuprum, the name that has originated from Romans. When freshly mined it gives a pinkish-brown color. But when you oxidize the copper it turns into its character color that’s green. Moreover copper has some great conductive properties which make it the second-best conductor after silver.

Getting In Touch With A Geological Company

Now as you are aware of some of the properties of copper, time to look for copper. But before going on the hunt these companies make sure to get in touch with a geological expert or company. These colonies help the mining companies to effectively locate the areas and can provide some great geological reports. Moreover, the big Canadian copper mining companies make sure to get the latest surveys from the geological experts to save time and to get started right away.

Look For the Magma Rocks

As we mentioned, Canadian copper mining companies ensure to get the best geological information they can. They know where to look from. It is always emphasized that if you are looking for copper always start with the igneous rocks or also called the magma rocks. Copper is mostly deposited in these rocks and these rocks are the most present areas where Magma chambers are present. You can also check for the green freckles on these rocks as this is the characteristic property of copper.

Testing The Magma Rocks for Copper

Being well aware of the properties of copper, companies always ensure that they have in-built labs in their headquarters or at the site so that they can immediately test the rocks. In these well-built labs, the scientist easily tests the rocks and compares them to get to know which one has copper. After the proper testing, various procedures and processes are carried out so that copper is converted into its pure form.


Canadian copper mining companies are some of the well-known bodies when it comes to copper mining. There are still some of the very important projects that are going on in Canada like the Warintza project in Ecuador.



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