Google is the leading technology company that expertise in internet-related services and products. It has numerous products for different purposes, such as Gmail for emailing activities, Google Drive for cloud storage, Google meet for video communications, Google Chrome for web browsing activities, and many more along the line. Our focus for the blog Gmail, also known as Google mail, is a free email service that offers primary and premium email service functions. Primary features include exchanging and forwarding emails, while premium functions include mail segregation according to their importance, intelligent compose and reply, email nudges and high priority notifications, and more along the line. Despite its commendable features, Gmail users often face login problemsYou will find the instructions for Forgot Gmail password procedure in this blog.


Each login problem may display a different error code of symptoms. There can be multiple reasons for such issues. The reasons may vary depending on the situation, but we will discuss the most common reasons may be:

  • Gmail outage
  • Inserting incorrect email and password
  • Blank login screen
  • Gmail won’t load
  • Network issues
  • Error messages

Now that we know what may be causing Gmail login problems, let’s move on to fixing the issues.


The solutions may vary as it majorly depends upon the cause of the problem. However, the solutions mentioned below are common and likely to resolve all issues for you.


As obvious as it may sound, Gmail needs the internet to function properly like all other web-based email services. If your device isn’t connected to a secure network, there’s a high probability that it is causing problems with Gmail. Connect your device to a stable network, preferably a Wi-Fi network, and try logging it again. If the login is successful, you know what was causing the issue. If not, please move onto the next solution.


Gmail’s malfunction as Gmail login problems can be a result of a conflict in the server. Ensure that the server is okay and not the reasons behind Gmail login problems. To check the server, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open your web browser and enter in the URL
  • Press Enter to launch the website
  • When the page opens on your browser, insert Gmail in the search box, and press enter to search
  • The site will show you the number of reported cases for Gmail not working


Inserting an incorrect username or password happens to be the most common cause of the problem. If you insert a wrong or invalid password, Gmail doesn’t let you into your Account. The solution is Forgot Gmail password reset. You can reset your password using the instructions mentioned below.

  • Go to the Gmail official login page
  • Insert your email address and click on Next
  • Click on Forgot Password – an option you can find below the login column
  • Gmail will ask you to input the latest password you remember; if you remember your last password, insert it
  • If you forgot Gmail password (latest), click on Try Another Way
  • You can choose to receive the password reset link on your phone number; if you do wish to go with this option, please select the phone number
  • Or you can choose to answer some security questions to proceed with the process; if you do, Google will ask you multiple questions, and the correct answers will take you to the new password column
  • Lastly, you can choose an alternative email address to verify yourself; if you do, Google will send Gmail forgot password verification code on your alternate email
  • Once you receive the verification code, insert it in its designated column to continue with the process
  • Please enter the new password in the column, and insert it again to confirm
  • Click on Save changes after you finish selecting and inserting a password


Google considers its users’ security quite seriously. Any suspicious acts in any accounts lead to temporarily blocking. If you’ve tried logging in multiple times using the previous password, Gmail temporarily blocks your Account, and displays’ Account temporarily blocked: too many attempts’ – words may differ. You can try again after 12 hours to ensure that your Account has been unblocked.


Many a time, the antivirus or firewall installed on your device may block certain websites. One possibility for this Gmail login problems can be an antivirus blocking Gmail. The solution is to disable the antivirus or firewall and see if you can log in to Gmail. If you can log in without the antivirus or firewall, you have found the reason for the problem. You can upgrade to a better antivirus that does not allow Gmail.


As we would already know, Gmail login problems are common. We have curated this blog to resolve such issues. This blog explains what Google and Gmail are, what the causes can be for login problems with Gmail, and how you can resolve these issues. This blog also explains the three ways to receive Gmail forgot password verification code and how to use it to reset your password. It also provides complete instructions to reset your password after forgetting it, using the verification code method. A word of advice; please ensure that you keep a more rememberable password so you do not have to keep resetting your password as it will save you the efforts and the time. For more information on Gmail or Gmail password recovery, please feel free to visit our other blog.



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