What Factors Are Affecting Your Internet Speed?

What Factors Are Affecting Your Internet Speed?

Do you want your internet speed to improve? Does it frustrate you often, and you are unable to determine the reason behind it? Well, with so many questions in your head, you have come to the right place. We are about to list down the major factors that are the reason for slow internet speed.

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But there are times when things that are under your control seem to be the reason for your slow internet speed. So, it is time to see what rectifiable factors are there that can pull down your internet speed.

1.   Type of Internet Connection

The internet connection comes in different types and the type of connection you use highly determines the speed you are getting. That is why you must have complete information regarding this how many types there are. There are four major types of internet connections that are widely available in the country and you should consider if you are looking for a decent speed.

Digital subscriber line (DSL)

In this type of transmission technology, the data is transmitted through our 2-wire copper telephone lines. And the average speed range of this network is around 5 to 35 Mbps.


Satellite is a form of wireless broadband that is quite useful for remote areas. The average speed range of this network is around 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps and is usually interrupted due to extreme weather conditions.

Cable modem

In this type of internet, connection providers render broadband services by transmitting the data through our coaxial cables that deliver us our TV services. The average speed range of this network is around 10 Mbps to 500 Mbps.


In this type of internet connection, the data is transmitted through transparent glass fibers after it converts to light electrical signals. The average speed range of this network is around 250 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

2.   The Hardware You Use

The devices that you are using like smartphones and computers are old and don’t have enough capacity to take the load of that speed. So you have to make sure what type of devices you are using, you must use devices with the optimized processor so that they can support higher speed.

3.   What Router You Have

Another factor that is affecting your internet speed is the hardware like router and modem —you are using to connect your devices to the internet connection. Just like your devices, the hardware you are using also has to be compatible with higher speed. In our opinion, the router that contains 802.11 Wi-Fi standards can be perfect for higher-speed connections.

4.   Are There Any Viruses

Your internet connection can be interrupted for several reasons, but among all of these viruses is the major factor that you should be keeping an eye out for. In case you have not taken all the necessary precautions and have not downloaded the antivirus, then it is likely that your internet speed will start hogging.

5.   How Much Network Traffic Is There

Now here is something that does not usually come into consideration however, network traffic is one of the most important factors that affect your internet speed. This usually happens during peak hours when your connection is used by a large number of users at once it is imminent that your internet network slows down.

The Takeaway!

Now that you know all the factors that affect your internet connection, you must take every possible precaution to try and prevent any of these factors to occur.



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