Practical Tips for Saving Electricity at Home

Practical Tips for Saving Electricity at Home

Energy efficiency is more of a concern – and to many more people – than it has ever been in the past. While those concerned about energy efficiency used to be particularly eco-conscious, today it is something that nearly everybody worries about. 

This is because of rising energy prices, of course, but also the pandemic lockdowns, which saw millions spending much more time at home than ever before.

Furthermore, for any homeowner, electricity is a massive part of that. It doesn’t count for quite as much as heating and water, but it is one of the big drains your home exerts on your resources. Lucky then that there is much advice you can turn to save your electricity, keep your bill down and, if your concern lies in that direction, save the planet too. 

The Importance of Good Habits 

Technology is great, but good habits on the part of homeowners will still take you a long way. In fact, the best chance you have of truly optimizing your home for electrical energy efficiency can be considered a combination of good habits and good tech. Let us take an example. 

Pale Blue Earth is a company producing USB C-type rechargeable smart batteries. These are rechargeable batteries with massively increased efficiency, faster charge cycles, and a smart battery system which can relay their status to you. For saving electricity, replacing your traditional AA, AAA, and 9V batteries with these alternatives is a great move, but an even better move is to use them wisely. 

Taking a little care to remove them from devices when not in use will save you even more electricity. This is the power of humans and technology working together. 

New Tech Helps 

Before going on to some practical electricity saving tips, it is worth making a point about what energy saving technology has actually become available to the common homeowner. Where electricity is concerned, we often think of battery power and solar as being energy alternatives for the home. However, there is something of a misconception about how much these installations cost. 

In the very recent past, it was indeed the case that setting up a generator or a few solar panels on your home did not come cheap. However, improvements in the technology and how it is produced has recently brought the price well down. It’s worth investigating this, as you might be surprised to discover that you can afford it. 

Practical Electricity Saving Tips


When electrical devices are plugged in, they are draining energy. Even if they’re switched off! In fact, some devices can be using as much as 75% of their normal consumption just by being plugged in or on standby. Take care to switch off and unplug. 

Watch Out for Large Appliance Use 

Large appliances that use electricity – your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer etc. – might have the “energy efficient” label slapped on, but they are still big devices that use the most energy. Accordingly, pool all your laundry together within your household, don’t use the dishwasher if it isn’t full, and so on. 

Cold Wash When You Can 

Here’s a neat fact – many washing loads can be done with cold water. And you can also wash smaller loads pretty effectively by hand. That washing machine is an energy guzzler, heating water and then operating. Try to cut this out where you can. 

Switch off Lights

There is not much to add here besides… Well, there’s just not much to add. Turn them off when you leave the room! 

There are a plethora of energy efficient devices out there and they are becoming more and more affordable. But good habits are still important.



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