How to Use a Diamond Blade for Cutting Tile

Diamond Blade for Cutting Tile

The experts at Devour Tools say that diamond blades are perfect for when cutting a variety of materials. They go on to say that when it comes to tiles, diamond tipped tile blades can help you to get a precision cut. However, incorrect use of your cutting tool could result in chipped tiles, which is the last thing anyone wants. Below are a few tips for using diamond blades to cut tiles. 

Cutting Tiles with Diamond Blades

Cutting tile can be a pain, especially when not using a power tool such as a saw. Traditional tile cutters are not ideal for cutting through large floor tiles, but a suitable power saw can make the job much easier and quicker, provided of course that the right blade is used. 

As tile is a very hard substance, an equally hard substance is required for precise cutting. Step forward the diamond blade. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world, so it makes sense that we would utilize it to cut through other hard substances, tile being one of them. 

What are Diamond Blades? 

Diamond blades are steel saw blades that have been tipped with a mix of powdered metal and crushed synthetic diamonds for superior cutting. As well as cutting tile, diamond blades can cut through concrete, stone, asphalt, metal, and brick. But diamond blades don’t actually cut – they grind the material down with friction. 

Tips for Cutting Tile with Diamond Blades

Since diamond blades grind rather than cut, there are some tips that will ensure a neat finish when used on tile. While ceramic tile can be cut easily with a diamond blade, porcelain is a bit trickier because it is much harder. It is necessary therefore to have the right blade. 

Diamond tile blades specifically designed for cutting through porcelain may be more expensive, but most experts agree that it is worth paying for a higher quality blade to achieve the desired results. Using inferior blades can result in poor quality cuts that could mean some of your tiles being binned. 

Wet cutting is recommended when using a diamond blade, but certain adjustments will need to be made when cutting porcelain floor tiles. This is to avoid any chipping and damage to the tiles. It may be that you adjust the depth of the first cut into the tile or you might place tape over the tile when cutting. 

It is also important to use a slower rpm when cutting hard tile. Running at high speeds can cause tiles to crack. However, before you slow down the speed of the saw, make sure the blade you are using is suitable for slower speed cutting, as not all are. 

A sharp blade is something that must be used when cutting through porcelain tile. It is best to use a new blade when starting a tile job. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines when using any type of power saw as well as the blade will help to prolong both machine and blade. If you are using a diamond blade that has been used for another job, make sure to sharpen it first. You can do this by running it over a hard surface such as stone. 


Diamond blades are ideal for cutting through hard surfaces such as stone, concrete, and tile. Nevertheless, to ensure the perfect results when cutting porcelain tile with a diamond blade, it is necessary to use caution by working slow and steady. You can minimize the risk of chipping to the tiles by placing tape over the surface to be cut or adjusting the depth of the first cut.



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